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ROYAL SYSTEM® shelving system was designed in 1948 by legendary Danish designer and manufacturer Poul Cadovius. It was one of the world's first wall hung furniture systems, and the idea that furniture should not use floor space was innovative. "Most of us live on the bottom of a cube. If we put the walls even with the floor, we get a lot of space to live on", was the mantra of Poul Cadovius. There have been many attempts to copy this famous design, but ROYAL SYSTEM® is and remains the original.

ROYAL SYSTEM® was produced at Poul Cadovius' factory in Randers (Denmark), where up to 300 people were employed. ROYAL SYSTEM® was also produced under license in more that 30 countries and is considered one of Danish furniture history's greatest successes ever.

ROYAL SYSTEM® consists of wall-mounted wooden rails, shelves with hangers in brass or stainless steel and various modules such as cabinets, drawers and desks, which can be customized in multiple individual combinations - in fact, Poul Cadovius claimed that the original system had 16 million combination possibilities.

Poul Cadovius is one of the most colourful and successful personalities in Danish furniture industry’s history. “Architect, designer, self-taught inventor, manufacturer, innovator, the furniture industry’s ‘enfant terrible’ - the titles are many”, as the author Henriette Houth writes in her book ”Kassebogen”. Poul Cadovius was ambitious and constantly seeking. When he wasn’t designing or producing furniture, he was driving racing cars or building luxury yachts at his own Saghitta shipyard in Svendborg. And the stories are many: When a sailboat customer claimed poor sailing-performance on a Saghitta 35 from the yard, Poul Cadovius had the ultimate retort. He borrowed the boat and sailed in a race ”around Zealand” - and won!

Poul Cadovius took out over 400 patents - the last as a 90-year-old. Both his life and designs testify to a genuine figure that went his own way - to the delight of us all. In 2010, dk3 re-launched the ROYAL SYSTEM® in contemporary materials such as walnut, oak, and high pressure laminate. ROYAL SYSTEM® can be ordered individually as a classic bookcase, modern desk or library with different cabinet modules.

The timesless spirit of ROYAL SYSTEM® is preserved throught the well known stringers, hangers, shelves and beautiful cabinets. And all of exquisite quality, created for modern interior design and furture needs.

In 2010, dk3 relaunched ROYAL SYSTEM® in various wood types, and the shelving system still remains a timeless classic with a space-saving, flexible design offering numerous possibilities for a personal, modern expression.

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Rail 3,4 x 1,9 x 70 cm

Rail 3,4 x 1,9 x 100 cm

Rail 3,4 x 1,9 x 200 cm

Shelf 80 x 24 x 1,9 cm

Shelf 80 x 30 x 1,9 cm

Magazine shelf 80 x 31 x 1,9 cm

Desk shelf 80 x 60 x 1,9 cm

Table 80 x 125 x 72 cm

Table 80 x 175 x 72 cm

Cabinet w/ 2 doors 80 x 38 x 42,4 cm

Cabinet w/ 2 sliding doors 80 x 38 x 42,4 cm

Cabinet w/ 3 drawers 80 x 38 x 42,4 cm

Cabinet w/ writing/bar flap 80 x 38 x 42,4 cm

Workstation (only available with cabinet w/ writing/bar flap)


Oak, black lacquered oak, smoked oak or walnut

The rails are made of solid wood.

Rail screws same material as hangers.

The tabletops of the tables are veneered, and the table legs are made of solid wood.

The cabinet for drawers is veneered, and the drawers are made of solid wood.

The workstation is veneered, and the drawers are made of solid wood.

Shelves, magazine shelf, desktop shelf, cabinet w/ writing flap, cabinet w/ 2 doors and cabinet w/ sliding doors are veneered.


Raw brass or stainless steel.

Since brass is softer than stainless steel, it is expected that the shelves with brass hangers "work" more than shelves with stainless steel hangers.

Hangers are not sold seperately.

Surface treatment

Oil or soap

Sliding doors

The sliding doors are available in wood.

We recommend a weight limit of 35 pounds/15 kg per shelf to retain the structural integrity. Shelves can however flex slightly over time.

New parts (produced by dk3) are not compatible with old parts (before 1985).



12 - 18 weken

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